When I first started Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments with Mea Hutchinson, I suffered from sciatica, chronic back pain and was unable to walk without agony, due to severe arthritis. This powerful practitioner has changed my life! Now, I am pain-free and I do not take painkillers or other medications for any ailments. Along with physical relief, I find JSJ also stimulates a peaceful sense of well-being that helps one balance
the stresses of life.

Lisa Cordasco
I am a senior (82) who only recently discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu and I am so happy that I have Mea Hutchinson as my practitioner. Her JSJ treatments relieved my arthritis pain and helped to re-set a recurring heart arrhythmia. She also taught me some self-help flows which made healing from day surgery fast and easy!
Diane Sannella

I was first introduced to Mea Hutchinson and the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2005.

I had been beset with an intense condition that occurred intermittently a few times each day, causing an electric burning pain at the bottom of my spine that was incapacitating. It felt as if I was being poked with an electric cattle prod or a hot branding iron.

A good friend insisted that I go see Mea. I resisted, he persisted and finally in order to shut him up, I booked an appointment.

I had an initial session and felt some slight improvement, so booked two more. Mea taught me several JSJ self-help flows. I practiced them daily and within two weeks I had complete relief. The condition has never returned.

Since 2005, I have continued to practice JSJ self-help and regularly have sessions with Mea. My experience is that JSJ has an effect that is both subtle and profound, producing a deep state of lightness and ease, healing from the inside out, gently sweeping the body and organs free of energetic blockages. An analogy that makes sense to me is as in combing knots and tangles out of hair. And you can do it yourself almost anywhere, anytime and free of charge. That makes its effectiveness exponentially more powerful and affordable.

Unlike acupuncture or Reiki, both reliable ways of addressing health concerns, Mea pays as much attention to giving the client specific hands-on ways of keeping up the benefits after the session, as the session itself. The client is educated every time, which promotes awareness of our energy flows and healing. I have found JSJ to be effective for stress and for a chronic knee problem I have been dealing with.

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