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Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced Jin Shin Jyoo tsoo) is an ancient healing art that involves gently holding specific areas of the (clothed) body with the hands. Areas held include the torso, arms, legs, the fingers, toes, face or head in specific sequences. These sequences relieve stuck energy that results in mental and physical tension, pain, and many common conditions like sleep problems, poor digestion, moods, and slowed recovery from injuries. The aim is a healthy, harmonious state of equilibrium.

What is a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu® like?

As a practitioner, I assess the current state of vitality, health and well being of my clients mainly by listening to their pulses and checking the overall body tension level. This allows me to arrive at a start point, which is directed to the underlying cause of the current symptom or condition.

I then choose from a large assortment of energy sequences, called “Flows”. Some involve sections of pathways of the organ meridians used in acupuncture by Chinese medicine doctors. Others are unique to JSJ. The areas or zones held on the body are called “Safety Energy Locks” or SEL’s where energy becomes concentrated. These SEL’s act like circuit breakers or switches, which shut down or become blocked to restrict the flow of energy when there is an injury, overuse or retained mental and emotional stress.

A flow involves holding two SEL’s at a time to re-establish the relationship between them and in a while, a “conversation” is “heard” by the practitioner to be going on between the two. The communication that goes on between these energetic switches, when in balance, enables the feelings of deep relaxation, harmony and overall wellness that are commonly felt at the end of a session.

At the end of each session, I will also recommend some simple self-help flows for you to do in order to assist in maintaining your state of balance. I also teach a series of Self Help classes, which are great for refreshing and establishing the routine into one’s life. These classes are similar to Yin Yoga classes.

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