Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminars are held throughout the world and in many languages. For complete information on these please go to

5 Day Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminars are held in Victoria, BC every two years.

These are seminars I organize by bringing in different instructors who are authorized to present them by JSJ Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona. They are for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection and learn how to balance and harmonize themselves in a way that can be easily incorporated into their current lifestyle.

Participants will gain an in depth knowledge of the body’s energetic pathways, what causes blockages in them and a variety of ways to clear these, plus experience hands on sessions daily both by receiving them and giving them. Ultimately they’ll find their own way to bring the skills learned back with them for enhancing their life’s journey.

The next Victoria, BC seminar will be held in 2020. For further information contact Mea Hutchinson.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosophy Petra Event Flyer 2020


Victoria, BC
April 29th to May 3rd

Petra Elmendorff presents the 5 day Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminar in the Victoria area.

Contact: Mea Hutchinson at or or call 250-480-8318.

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Vancouver, BC

5 Day Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminars are held in Vancouver, BC on alternating years to Victoria’s seminar.

The next Vancouver Seminar will be held in 2021. For further information contact Karen Kielbasa at


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